Icebergs – Visual organisation for creative minds

The perfect place in the cloud for your daily research, projects and online inspiration.

You may have some great project ideas, but are struggling to make these ideas a reality since they are stored across multiple locations on your software. Icebergs make it easier for you to collect, organise and share your ideas by saving daily research, projects and inspiration quickly and easily.

Whether you are looking for a simple way to keep track of backed up files, want to merge data between a few select accounts, or like the idea of making an extra backup of your files just in case, Cloud storage managers are a significantly underused resource. If you are juggling multiple providers a Personal Cloud Organiser can give you a new sense of calm around your personal administration.

Access all your files in one place:
  • organize
  • collect
  • share

The perfect place in the cloud for your daily research, projects and online inspiration. Collect and organize websites, pictures, text, notes, files. Enjoy your research again!



Collect anything you need from the web: Videos, images and text and entire websites together with your own files.



Organize your content like never before. Visually highlight what's most important and group anything with a simple drag&drop.



Share a single Icedrop or an entire Iceberg with anyone you want. Collaborate around your content like never before

Review of the best Personal Cloud Organisers


A great user-friendly Cloud storage manager, with media streaming and an easy-to-use backup consolidation feature. A good search function and the ability to mark favourite files for immediate access. Paying subscribers can transfer an unlimited number of files between multiple providers, although free users cannot move documents between different services. Jolicloud also includes a video player with subtitles and full-screen capacity, an e-reader and the ability to save files directly from Facebook, SoundCloud and Instagram. One negative: Jolicloud has no encryption available to protect your files during transfer.


One of the best Cloud storage management companies, from the main dashboard you can browse through all of your documents; sorting by provider, file type, or personally-determined custom categories. File sharing includes the options to customise read/write access, set passwords, add link expiry dates, and determine a maximum number of downloads for each file.
CloudFuze is easy to use, with a simple drag and drop system letting you move files between backup providers. CloudFuze Workspaces provide a place for multiple team members to upload, download and synchronise file changes.’s main focus is on synchronising files between two accounts, in order to merge both sets of files into one single service. In addition to this, Mover Vault provides paid subscribers with unlimited personal Cloud storage space and the option to schedule processes at the time of your choice. also offer a feature not available from most competitors, enabling you to save snapshots, and upload files in .zip format.
Mover’s free plan allows scheduling with no caps imposed on the size or number of files transferred, although you can access files from free backup accounts.


A simple interface lets you drag and drop files easily between providers. File sharing is available via Otixo Workspaces, and you can choose to protect your files and folders with a private, 256-bit AES encryption key to keep files safe.
Otixo’s basic subscription lets you transfer as much data as you like (although files must be under 250MB), encrypt up to 25 files, and set up limited file sharing. A secure plan features a maximum file size limit of 1GB, unlimited access to encryption services, and the ability to add extra Workspaces. The Pro account features more space and WebDAV for local access.

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