Tools for Organizing, Developing & Sharing Your Ideas

General Organisation Tools



Gmail's labelling system and multiple in-box features, provide some excellent options for organising your emails, so that you can maintain a zero in-box.



Free for Basic, fees for Social, Standard, and Professional

A social bookmarking website that lets you tag and save online resources like web-pages, and then highlight and add notes to sections. You can also organise your links, references, and notes to create a simple but structured research base.

The Best Visual Organisation Tools


Free for Basic, fees for ‘Business Class’ and ‘Enterprise’

Trello tracks and visualise the progress of your ideas. Using a card-based layout, you can create a card for every idea and jot notes within the card. You can organise these ideas into categories or lists, create task lists and check-lists within cards, colour-code them, attach files, and more.


Free for Basic, fees for ‘Business Class’ and ‘Enterprise’

Xmind has an intuitive interface that can organise everything, including pre-designed templates, themes, and cloud storage. It automatically syncs across your Macs and PCs. The advanced versions can map out the progress of different tasks and track milestones and schedules of different projects.

The Best Collaboration Tools

Google Docs


Google docs has easy to share files, and multiple people can edit the same file at the same time and in real time. You can leave comments directly in the document, which acts as a conversation thread. There is also a revision history feature. HubSpot integrates with Google Docs.


Free for Individual Account, fees for ‘Team Account’ and ‘Team Account with Clients’ One of the best for managing projects, groups, and client work, the user interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate. There is an instant chat feature and forum-style messaging. Also included is a calendar and a to-do list feature to either assign tasks to individuals or leave them open for people to assign themselves.


Monthly fees for Starter, Business, and individual pricing plans for Enterprise

Box is a cloud-based platform where you can store, share, and manage all your company's files. It's private and secure. It’s also accessible across all your devices, including mobile and tablet. You can also collaborate with colleagues using the commenting, @mention-ing, and task assignment features and you can also choose to get notifications every time someone uploads, edits, comments, or downloads.