Gambling on the Cloud

More gambling industries have moved to the cloud to take advantage of better storage, management, and networking for themselves and their customers. Improved design experience has created some of the best gambling/betting platforms seen to date.

How big data is changing the gaming industry

The online gambling industry is able to collect vast amounts of live customer data on every gambler. Companies, particularly casinos, can routinely gather several terabytes of generated data daily about a customer’s spending patterns, tastes and levels of satisfaction at minimal investment. This data can come from external sources, including social profiles, which is analysed against streamed online data and historical data. Big data technologies help make it possible to use this information to improve games, streamline operations and increase revenues through the adaptation of games to suit a player’s particular style to generate profit.


Gambling on the Cloud

Cloud infrastructure provides land-based casinos with capabilities similar to those used by online casinos in terms of looking at the player. Big Data Analytics database companies on the cloud can combine a combination of values that offers near real-time analysis of online data cost-effectively, allowing operators to reduce their costs of running a casino, with updates and fixes easily rolled out to any problematic cabinets, minimising the time needed for repairs. The capabilities of the cloud can help smaller vendors compete with the giants in the gambling industry with savings in storage space and minimal investment for real-time actionable analytics.

Gambling on the cloud offers gamblers the chance to play wherever they are, since cloud computing allows gamblers to play from servers based outside the jurisdictions of particular countries. The cloud also gives providers the opportunity to offer their services without fear of repercussions.

The future of Cloud Service

With the gambling industry rapidly embracing big data technologies, the industry is looking at innovative methods of customer engagement, optimised and targeted advertising and ways to enhance the customer experience.
Cloud computing has the capacity to allow different online games to spread worldwide. This means greater profits for game developers and more fun for players. It is likely that developers will soon look solely to gambling on the cloud, but only when problems around data security are solved. As the cloud becomes more secure and more players join, it is expected that gambling on the cloud will create a highly diverse culture of players.